Goals For 2021

Well, Covid-19 is still putting a kink in to a lot of our original plans but like everyone else we have adapted to do what we can. 

Through 2020 we ran more like a traditional rescue group. Which was great, over 50 animals found their forever homes! We were able to have time to make connections with other groups throughout the United States and abroad. Get our systems up and running. Have some challenges and some successes. 

In 2021 we hope to add back in our passion, which is special projects. Our hearts are with those in their home areas doing the very best they can to help animals with very little means and support. We want to assist and promote them to show that their work matters and they are making a difference in their community.

We are still doing traditional rescuing (check our adoptables page) and in addition a few special things are in the works:

1. Helping to Sponsor a Spay/Neuter clinic in Mexico - March 2021

2. Volunteering and Fundraising for a safehouse in rural eastern Turkey - May/June

3. Volunteering and Fundraising for a Spay/neuter clinic in Northern Turkey -May/June

4. Volunteering at a spay/neuter clinic in Mexico - 

5. And we are still trying to help get dogs out of China that have survived the meat trade. We are always fundraising for freedom flights. We are still not allowed to travel there to volunteer with the girls of Slaughterhouse Survivors until the virus is no longer an issue. 

If you are interested in more information about our goals and plans and would like to become a sponsor please email Jenn at Jennifer@rescueunleashed.org