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Elvis - Senior Pup

Elvis - Senior Pup

Elvis is a senior pup looking for a home filled with love to enjoy his golden years in!
Elvis is probably around 12 years old, still active (he is eager for his daily walks, going 2-3 miles easily), happy to sleep at your feet or next to you on the sofa. He likes to have his people around and gets a little anxious when first left alone. He does adjust over time. Sleeps like a dream all night.
He is mostly deaf and a little blind. He takes a 2x daily medication for his heart. 
He does the cutest bed scratches to try and get comfy, even on hardwood floors.
Loves mealtime and car rides! He loves to go with you!
Elvis is just an all around great senior dog with plenty more years to enjoy with a family. Because of his age a home with older children would be best. 
Fully vaccinated, neutered, micorchipped. He just had a dental and some skin biopsies that came back with a clean bill of health! 
It's never to late for love and Elvis has a lot to give

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