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Breed: Anatolian Shepard

Size: Large

Age: 2 yrs

Sex: Male


Meet Gilly!Gilly is a beautiful Anatolian Shepherd and is under 3 years old. Gilly is great with all people, including children, and would love to be in an active household or on a farm / ranch with a job to do. Due to his age, breed and activity level a yard is required for Gil, no apartments. Gilly came from Turkey and is looking for the right home after spending his entire life in a boarding facility. He is currently being fostered in home with other dogs and cats. While Gilly does great with other animals (he loves and plays with the other dogs in the foster home) he is extremely reactive to resource guarding all food in the home. Even human food that is left on the counter, garbage can or when the family is eating dinner. We believe, because of this, he would do best as only pet in the home at this time. Do you think this stunning boy might be a good fit for you? Fill out an application today!

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