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Breed: Poodle Mix

Size: 28 lbs

Age: 3 yrs

Sex: Male

Location: Sammamish, WA


Experienced dog owners only, no children:
Munchi is a 28lb, 3 year old, poodle mix boy. He is very deserving, sweet and playful. He likes to be close to his people once he has bonded with you.
-He does have anxiety in all new situations, with new people and around other dogs initially. He does best with slow first meetings of people and dogs while wearing his muzzle, this may take from 2 days to 2 weeks before he is comfortable. After this he does just fine, but you must be respectful of his space and give him time before giving a lot of physical affection. If you are not comfortable using a muzzle this is not the dog for you.
-He enjoys playing with other dogs after the initial anxiety.
-Grooming and vet visits are another situation that makes him uncomfortable and are best done while wearing his muzzle.
-He does have a loud bark and would not be well suited for apartment living.
If you think you might be a great friend and caregiver to this sweet boy, send us an inquiry and we will send you an application.

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