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Hound/Catahoula Mix• Young NEUTERED Male, 8 months old

From his foster: 
"OMG - the most adorable puppy ever. Born in late January in Duncan, OK. Found by a realtor when a family had vacated a home. He was the only one alive out of his litter. Despite this bad start, he is the most cuddly sweet baby you could meet anywhere, probably because once he was rescued he has had people always around and he has been socialized well. He loves other dogs including male dogs. ADORES EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. He is funny and cute and sweet and beyond lovable. He has been staying with a foster who was training him to bring in the mail. SUPER SMART. 99% Housetrained/crate trained. He is a LOVABLE, LOVABLE, LOVABLE. CUDDLE PUPPY!!! Already been completely vetted."

If you would love to meet Riley when he arrives please complete an application.

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